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A very special Collectors Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas Print
Exquisitely reproduced from the Original Painting created by the artist.

The artwork captures the defining moments of one of the most prominent fights in the career of Muhammad Ali depicting that famous moment, when after dropping Sonny Liston with a short stiff right to the jaw, Ali stood over the woozy Liston taunting him to "Get up!”

These rare prints were hand signed by Muhammad Ali in July of 2004. They are authenticated by, a company that was set up by Muhammad Ali’s Management Company to ensure verification of memorabilia signed by Muhammad Ali.
  The Certificate of Authenticity and its registration number allow collectors to verify their prints by simply entering the registration number into the website.

In addition to the text description that describes what type of item it is, as well as, when it was signed, collectors will see a digital image of the exact signature on their canvas giclee print. The information displayed online by will be publicly available forever, so a person's investment will always be protected. Each print also has a matching serially numbered tamper seal affixed to the lower right of the print.

Since these prints were siged by Muhammad Ali so many years ago, his signature is a beautiful legible signature. Muhammad Ali is still alive, but as is the case with any cultural icon, the advancing of time tends to make the legend grow and the price tags for a link to the legend will grow right along with it.

Please bear in mind, no one will ever be able to get such beautiful signatures by Muhammad Ali ever again, especially on such fine artwork that portrays one of the most prominent fights in the career of Muhammad Ali.

For a serious collector desirous of having a comprehensive collection of Muhammad Ali, these stunning autographed Muhammad Ali canvas giclee prints would represent the jewel in the crown of their Muhammad Ali collection. These rare prints are a prestigious acquisition for any private or corporate collection.